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Single Validator Creating An Invalid Block In Solana Causes Community Outage: CyberCapital – Bitcoinik

by Cryptoroz

The founding father of CyberCapital identified many hidden destructive issues going behind the Solana blockchain Community, which isn’t the same old case among the many different main blockchain networks. 

On 3 October, Justin Bons, founder & CIO of crypto researcher platform CyberCapital, took to Twitter to share deep analysis on the Solana blockchain.

Justin shared large numbers of destructive issues behind the Solana blockchain know-how however specifically, he began to criticize Solana blockchain with community outage points, which is a quite common factor for Solana blockchain alone from late 2021 to 2022.

CyberCapital founder mentioned that the primary trigger behind the newest Solana community outage was the creation of invalid blocks by single validators, which additional brought about validators to turn into caught on the flawed chain & unable to change again. Halting the complete chain!

Additional Justin famous that such sort of community outage will not be a typical factor in any of the opposite blockchain networks like Bitcoin & Ethereum. And likewise claimed that the Solana group was attempting to cover their errors by a novel assertion that they restarted the community however they reseted the entire community underneath a centralized methodology. 

Justin additionally talked about faux Sol TVL. In line with crypto researcher round 2-3 devs faux to be greater than 10 Devs and so they depend the identical TVL time and again and once more.

Justin said that the Sol group mentioned there was a circulating provide of 8.2M SOL in April 2020 however there was truly over 20M SOL and in addition he referred to a 3rd get together that discovered an unlocked SOL pockets that had greater than 13 million cash. 

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