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Ethereum Shopper Receives New Hotfix Following Current ETH Mainnet Incident

by Cryptoroz

The Ethereum community skilled a technical concern Might 11 and 12, which was attributed to an “distinctive state of affairs.”

The beacon chain encountered two separate cases on the aforementioned dates the place finality couldn’t be attained for 3 and eight epochs. For round 25 minutes on Thursday, the Ethereum mainnet was unable to completely affirm transactions; blocks have been proposed however not finalized.

The identical concern, during which the ETH community couldn’t finalize blocks for greater than an hour, was reported by Wu Blockchain on Friday. Wu added that, because of this, dYdX momentarily paused deposits.

In each situations, the consumer groups famous that though the ETH community was unable to finalize, customers have been in a position to transact on the community due to its design.

Resulting from consumer range, not all consumer implementations have been impacted by the distinctive state of affairs, which made this conceivable. As soon as each consumer had caught up, the community was finalized as soon as extra.

The consumer groups offered a brand new replace on the incident, saying that whereas the total trigger continues to be being investigated, the seeming trigger was linked to heavy load on a number of the consensus layer shoppers, which in flip was brought on by an distinctive state of affairs.

To forestall future occurrences, Prysm Ethereum Shopper, a core implementation of the Ethereum protocol, and Teku, a full Ethereum 2.0 consumer, have each revealed updates that implement optimizations to cease beacon nodes from experiencing excessive useful resource utilization throughout these distinctive situations.

Prysm introduced the v4.0.3-hotfix, which accommodates the required optimization to forestall the beacon node from experiencing excessive useful resource utilization throughout turbulent instances, as seen on Might 11 and Might 12.

Teku, however, launched Teku v23.5.0, which filters outdated attestations that have been noticed to trigger issues on the mainnet.


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