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Erlay Makes It Simpler To Run A Bitcoin Node

by Cryptoroz

The beneath is a direct excerpt of Marty’s Bent Subject #1274: “Erlay help signaling has been merged into Bitcoin Core.Join the publication right here.

through GitHub

It has been over three years and precisely 696 points since we final talked about Erlay. In September 2019, we wrote about Pieter Wuille and Gleb Naumenko submitting an official BIP (Bitcoin Enchancment Proposal) to start out the method of getting Erlay merged into the protocol. For these of you who could also be unaware of what Erlay is, it’s a change to the transaction relay protocol on the peer-to-peer layer the place full nodes talk and share knowledge concerning the transactions which have been broadcast to the community. The change would deliver materials bandwidth effectivity good points to this peer-to-peer layer, which can make it simpler for extra individuals to run full nodes — significantly people who’re dwelling in areas with subpar web connectivity.

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